Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Nigel Mansel & the Stick Insect

I am sitting in my conservatory on my favourite wicker chair when I look up and out into the garden. There is Nigel Mansell, dressed in a smart jumper and slacks, with a metal, tent pole in his hand. He looks annoyed and slightly scared at the same time. And then I see why. In front of him is an enormous stick insect, lime green and as tall as your hip. Exactly as you see them in the zoo but scaled up thousands of times. Its eyes glint malevolently at Nigel who then tries to strike it with his tent pole. Somehow he misses and the insect bites him hard on his wrist. This is where the dream gets strange because Nigel is hurt, blood coming out of his injured wrist and then, well what I can only describe as lots of metal tubing and wiring began to uncoil from his wound. He is an android. I am sure he is. I wake up.

Mr A Haussman
, Newport

(Nigel Mansell is a racing driver and was World Formula 1 Champion in 1992)

Mercury Vague : An interesting dream with lots of vivid imagery and so much energy. In the language of dreams insects usually signify trivial irritations but this giant Kafkaesque insect is a trivial irritation that has been blown out of all proportion. Nigel Mansell in dreams represents calmness and emotional detachment. Combine these two with the dreams body violence and I believe we can conclude that you are worried about responding badly to criticism of yourself as being emotionally unintelligent.

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