Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Russell Grant and Testicle Eating

This is a nightmare I had when I was about 13. I'm sitting on the floor, for some reason, eating my dinner which is meat and boiled potatoes. I eat one of the potatoes then to my horror realize that what I've actually eaten is one of my own testicles. I am confused, unsure how this could have happened and then absolutely terrified. In my mind, in my dream, I am thinking,”what if it doesn't grow back?” Then, Russell Grant appears and he's bubbly and harmless and in that squeaky voice of his says, “Don't worry Love, it'll be alright.” And this reassures me and I know that I will be alright. Still a scary dream though.
I woke up sweating, I can tell you.

P Davies, Swansea

(Russell Grant is a lighthearted camp astrologist)

Mercury Vague : That is an unusual dream. I don't think I have come across one with such extraordinary images for quite some time. Usually dreaming of eating potatoes indicates the coming of peace and restfulness. Russell Grant is not fully agreed on by dream analysts, but he could mean an 'irritant' or 'barrier'. I feel that this dream is one of fears about the turbulence of puberty and whether you reach peace afterwards.

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