Thursday, 14 June 2007

Richard Madeley & the Extra Leg

I'm being interviewed by Richard and Judy on their TV show. We are all sitting on the sofas and I'm just feeling so relaxed as I tell them about my latest blockbusting novel. Then I feel myself being drawn to Richard's right trouser leg; he's wearing quite baggy, fawn, chinos. I struggle to carry on talking. Richard has noticed me staring and says,
“You want to know don't you?”.
“What?” I mumble.
“You want to know about the leg.”
And now he starts, quite slowly, to pull his right trouser leg up. I'm aware of Judy, who's been silent till now, tutting, and saying “Oh, Richard!” in that way of hers.Then, he's pulled the trouser up to knee height and we can all see. Me, Judy, the studio crew – all of us. He has an extra leg! It's not quite as thick as the normal one and it finishes in a foot just above the normal ones ankle. It looks truly bizarre. Richard smiles at me. I wake up.

Marsha Banks, Kent

(Richard Madeley is a television presenter alongside his wife, Judy Finnigan)

Mercury Vague : Good God! That is a strange one, but if one knows where to look for the clues it becomes easy to read. Richard Madeley means conformity. You are worried about whether you will be a success. The achievement that you crave will be yours, but you need to conform to expectations.

celebrity dream no:4
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