Thursday, 14 June 2007

Monkey Drivers & the Car Crash

In this blog, as well as analysing your celebrity dreams, I will also describe some of my own. This one I dreamt years ago but it appears to me as clear as if I had only experienced it last night.

I leave my penthouse apartment, jump into my car and start driving. It's then that I realise that all the other cars on the road are tiny, less than half a meter in length, but perfect scaled down versions of Fords, BMWs and the like. But, in the dream it is now that I see all the cars are being driven by what look like spider monkeys. It fascinates me. Some are driving carefully, some getting frustrated and screeching at other drivers, some are driving while talking into tiny mobile phones. And it's one of these drivers that is involved in the crash. Two cars hit head on. I stop my car and peer down at the wreckage, at the mess of metal and monkey on the ground.Unfortunately, I wake up, before the ambulance arrives. Even today I often wonder what the ambulance crew would have looked like.

Mercury Vague

celebrity dreams no:5
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