Friday, 15 June 2007

Tre Azam & the Generation Game

The dream starts with the sound of the audience cheering and whooping and I realize they are in front of me and I am on the stage standing next to my sister. It’s a television stage; there are three cameras facing us. I’m feeling very nervous then I look to my right and see Tre, the guy from the Apprentice, in a suit and he’s talking to the camera, “Welcome to the Generation Game, with me your host, Tre Azam”. The audience clap wildly, then we are straight into a game. We have to throw a clay pot on an old-fashioned potters wheel.
Mine goes disastrously wrong from the start, however I try to use my hands, it just crumples into a mess of wet clay. Tre’s standing in front of me looking at my work, utter disdain on his face,
“What the fuck is that?” he says, “That’s just not worth doing, is it?”

F Holiday, Bradford

(Tre Azam, marketing consultant and contestant on The Apprentice)

Mercury Vague : Dreams of inadequacy are probably one of the most common. You are in a situation where nothing goes right or you can’t do something that normally comes easy to you. These dreams are usually your subconscious preparing you for a challenge ahead. Tre Azam is a relatively new figure in dreams and represents over-confidence.

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