Monday, 18 June 2007

Gordon Brown & the Horse

I am riding along an English seaside promenade on a big brown horse. I don’t ride in real life but I’m enjoying this. It feels good to be above everybody else. A figure steps out of nowhere ahead of me and as I get nearer I can see it’s Gordon Brown. My horse stops in front of him. He is wearing a kids cowboy dressing-up outfit that is way too small for him. The cowboy hat is tiny on his head. On his checked shirt he has a sheriffs badge. He smiles that odd smile of his then out of his holster he pulls a gun but it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the cowboy outfit, this is obviously a real gun. He puts the barrel to the side of my horses head, pulls the trigger and BANG! I feel the front of the horse fall to the ground and I am falling with it.

Frank B, Chelmsford

(Gordon Brown is the Prime Minister, in waiting, of Great Britain)

Mercury Vague : If I was a political beast I would say that this is an allegorical dream relating to Gordon Brown raiding personal pensions and your fear for your old age. But I think a more classical interpretation is that this dream is all about fear of being exposed. Gordon Brown in dreams is like the volcano, peaceful on top but underneath simmering with rage. This dream is about you keeping feelings hidden, maybe subconsciously, that need to be released.

celebrity dreams no:7
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