Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Jamie Cullum & the Custard

I’m back being a kid, aged about 9 or 10 I guess, sitting at the pine-top breakfast bar with my family. It’s time for pudding – jam roly-poly with custard. I hate custard. I turn to my older brother, who, in the dream, is Jamie Cullum. He smiles at me and says, “Eat it up. It’s good for you. I love custard.” And it must be true because he has the most massive bowl full of custard which he proceeds to spoon greedily into his mouth. More and more of the stuff. I have a feeling of immense foreboding.
Suddenly me and the family are sitting watching Jamie at a concert –he’s dancing on the piano, working the crowd, then slapping the hell out of the keys. Then he vomits, a custard vomit that just seems to go on forever.

P. R., Bury St Edmonds

(Jamie Cullum is a pop jazz pianist)

Mercury Vague : Custard in dreams represents boredom and dissatisfaction. Jamie Cullum symbolizes feelings of worthlessness. My belief is that you have deep feelings of disgust and self loathing.

celebrity dreams no:9
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