Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Charlie the Cat, Benny from Crossroads & Wrestling

I'm in the alleyway at the back of my house standing by Charlie the Cat and the little boy who owns him. Charlie goes, “Meowwwo eough reoww reoww
The boy says, “Charlie says if you are going to wrestle be sure to wear protective head gear and tell your Mum where you are going.”
Then I'm in a wrestling ring, I think its Nantwich Civil Hall, feeling extremely weedy, dressed in tiny bright red trunks. My opponent appears in front of me, it's Benny from Crossroads. He's dressed in a blue lycra leotard affair and much more muscle-bound than he should be. I notice that he still has his knitted tea cosy hat on as he easily turns me around and puts me into a two armed head lock. God it hurts so much. I start to cry as Benny parades me around the ring like that, encouraging the crowd to bay for my downfall. And he's shouting out into them, “Look at Benny, Miss Dianne...look what your Benny done”.
I know he is going to smash my face into a corner post it's just a matter of when.

Frank Norris, Crewe

(Benny is a character in the soap opera Crossroads)

Mercury Vague : Without you telling me Frank I know you must be a gambler, your dream is full of the symbolism of betting. Charlie the Cat represents good advice, Benny - a chance symbol- usually fortuitous and of course dreaming of wrestling mean a gamble is going to pay off.
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Your blog is just amazing. Great ~Blessings

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