Monday, 16 July 2007

Mercury Vague / dream diary #4

I'm in the television studio, not the one where JK shoots his show this is a different one. As I look around me I realise I’m on the set of the Golden Shot. Bob Monkhouse is hosting, talking to camera, raising one eyebrow as he delivers a killer joke. While the audience is still laughing he turns to me, “Mercury! Mercury, Mercury, Mercury let ‘s see if you are a quicksilver shooter as your name suggests.” He does that Monkhouse smile.
“Mercury, you have one minute to hit the red target….Bernie…the bolt”
Bernie loads the five inch steel bolt and backs away.
And then I’m looking down the site of the crossbow. To start with I can’t see anything, just whiteness, I think there’s been a mistake. Then I see. Cheggers. He’s recording Cheggers Plays Pop in the same studio. He’s dressed in some sort of lime-green all in one shell suit and he’s bouncing up and down as he speaks into the microphone. On his forehead is stuck a tiny red circle of paper. “And this week on Cheggers Plays Pop we have music from Toyah and…”
“Stop f***ing bouncing” I’m thinking. I’m trying to get the cross hair to line up on his forehead and all he’s doing is leaping up and down. I can hear the clock ticking and Bob Monkhouse in the background is saying, take your time you’ve still got twenty seconds left. I squeeze the trigger.
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