Friday, 20 July 2007

JKs Dream #4: Mark Spitz, Marine Boy & Feather Swimming

JK told me about this dream of his.

I'm a swim jockey. Let me explain. I'm at some sort of international feather swimming event. Let me explain more. It's an Olympic size swimming pool filled to the brim with white downy feathers. I'm in the pool sitting on the chest of Mark Spitz. All the other swim jockeys are doing the same on their swimmers. The gun fires and we are off, Mark does a powerful backstroke as I sit on his stomach and hold onto his shoulders near the neck. We are ploughing ahead through a swimming pool full of feathers, easily in the lead and I am screaming at Mark, "Come on". Then from out of nowhere Marine Boy appears at Mark's feet, he's chewing his magic gum that enables him to swim for a long time under feathers and he his grabbing at Mark's ankles. He's slowing us down more and more, and one by one all the other swimmers pass us by leaving us to finish last.

JK, London

Mercury Vague : Interesting imagery. Dreaming of feather means a positive outcome to a business transaction. Swimming has different meanings depending on whether Mark Spitz was wearing trunks or swimming naked (JK told me he wasn't naked which indicates monetary gain) Marine Boy is symbolic of greed and selfishness; Mark Spitz of power. A clear understanding emerges.

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