Sunday, 15 July 2007

Nicky Campbell, Jim Bowen and the Midgets

I'm a contestant on the game show Wheel of Fortune. Nicky Campbell is hosting and is chatting to me, asking me about my hobbies.
“So tell me about potholing, Keith”
I don't know anything about the subject, I try to mumble something, but nothing is coming out. Nicky is getting cross now, “Just spin the wheel Keith. Spin the f***ing wheel” I spin it and realise that on every alternate section there is a midget tied down to the wheel. In my dream I switch to seeing the wheel from above. Seeing it spinning rapidly, making that clicking noise, the midgets looking glum. I now hear Jim Bowen's (Bullseye) voice saying,
“Stay in the black and out of the red, you get nowt in this game for two in a bed”. I have three darts in my hand and I start to throw them down onto the wheel of midgets.

Keith L, Aberdeen

(Nicky Campbell is a radio/television presenter, Jim Bowen host Bullseye)

Mercury Vague
: Darts represent ambition, whilst little people, especially dwarves mean a difficult problem you have will be overcome as if by magic…unless the midgets had over sized heads and hands. If so then your future is overshadowed by an extremely menacing figure. This could be the case as Nicky Campbell in dreams is a figure of illness and disease usually of the gut. Jim Bowen is a benign figure.

celebrity dreams no:26
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