Friday, 13 July 2007

Mercury Vague / dream diary #3

I'm outside a room and fixed to the door is a sign that reads, 'the man with the plan'. I enter the room and Magnus Pyke stands behind a desk laden with guns, knives, crossbows, weapons of all shapes and sizes.
“Come in, come in,” he waves me in, “Now, Mercury, look at this little beauty.” He picks up and puts on a vicious looking knuckleduster. “Did you know,” Magnus is raising his voice, a wild look in his eyes, “That the humble knuckle duster was invented by the ancient Romans?”
“I, er...”
In the dream I'm really struggling to speak.“I need to kill someone, Magnus, but I, er, I need it to look like an accident.”
“Accident? Oh, I see, now did you know that 43% of all accidents in the home resulting in death are from falls?”
”Don’t ask me?” I mumble.
He scribbles an address on an envelope, picks up some Bruce Lee nun chukkas and starts flailing his arms around his head once more, the sticks becoming nothing but a deadly blur.

My eyes zoom in on the envelope. Closer and closer. The address of a television studio near the Thames. My eyes crash-zooming in. I feel myself falling. There is nothing at all beneath my feet.

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