Monday, 23 July 2007

Mercury Vague / dream diary #5

I'm aged ten or eleven and I'm a contestant on Screen Test, the quiz show about cinema for kids. I feel incredibly nervous with sweaty palms and a certain feeling that I am going to throw up at any moment. There are three other kids in the studio sitting behind little desks just like me plus the host, Michael Rodd. He looks deadly serious as he introduces the next section of the show.

“And now on screen test we are going to show a clip from the recent Children's Film Foundation movie 'Crossbow'. Pay close attention teams because I will be asking observational questions afterwards”
The film begins and in the film we see a close up of a hand placing a crossbow arrow into a crossbow. Then we see my face on the screen, one eye closed the other squinting as I aim. The film cuts to an image of Keith Chegwin bouncing in and out of the frame. We cut back to an ultra close up of my face, then my fingers squeezing on the trigger, then a close up on Keith's mouth. He's speaking but there is no sound of this on the soundtrack, just the TWANG of the wire as the bolt is fired. Then Keith's twisted mouth.
“OK teams, fingers on buzzers....”
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