Thursday, 19 July 2007

Kenny Ball, Bob Langley, Gillian McKeith & Bloating

I'm sitting on my sofa watching Saturday Night at Pebble Mill. The presenter, Bob Langley is talking, “Now, it's time for some music from our resident jazzers, Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen
The band break into 'Oh When the Saints'. In the dream it's now that I realise that this is no normal performance but rather it's a new interactive, reality, bloody weird type of Pebble Mill and that in some unspecified way one viewer, and one viewer only, is connected to Kenny's trumpet. I feel my stomach bloat a little, then get bigger, soon its doubled in size. Kenny carries on playing the theme. By now I've ballooned up, my arms and legs blubbering out of my clothes in a sort of obese Incredible Hulk way, the skin all over my body is tight as it fights to keep the fat in. Kenny takes the trumpet out of his mouth while the clarinet player solos; I stop expanding, relieved.
It's now that Gillian McKeith enters my living room and starts with her:

”Just look at you, I'll be surprised if you don't die of a heart attack in the next five years. Stick out your tongue. Urrghh!”
On television Kenny puts the trumpet back to his lips and starts to solo. I have a feeling of immense panic, and wake up.

Susan S, Manchester

(Kenny Ball is a trad jazz player, Gillian McKeith is a nutritionist)

Mercury Vague : Party Time! Dreaming of being uncomfortably fat is actually a positive symbol that means you will have lots of positive friendships. Hearing Jazz means that you will purchase some happy experience that you can ill afford. But putting all these together with Kenny Ball (analysts agree on Ball as the ultimate party symbol in dreams) and things are looking good. Gillian McKeith is just a minor irritant, unless she asks to see a faeces sample in the dream.

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Blogger Titania Starlight said...

I like your symbolism of being corpulent.

I noitce you have a link to Gordon Ramsey. Brilliant. I love him!

There is just so many good things to see on your blog. I wish I had more time. :o)

Take care.

19 July 2007 at 23:54  

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