Tuesday, 10 July 2007

JK's Dream #2: Frank Bough & the Lurpak

JK rings me up early one morning, desperate to tell me about his dream before it fades.

I'm in my garden when I come across this giant mushroom or toadstool. It's about six foot across and sprawled along the top of it is Frank Bough. He's wearing an orange open necked shirt, with a cravat and perma-crease light brown slacks. “Hello, JK,” he says, “Welcome to Breakfast Time.”
He then turns his head as if he's talking to a camera and says,”JK's got a new show starting soon where he tries to solve peoples' problems live on air, and very good it looks too. “ He turns back to face me,”Would you like some butter on your toast?”
And with that he suddenly has a whole block of Lurpak butter in his hand, he's opened up his shirt and has started rubbing it into his armpits, as if it was a deodorant stick. After about a minute of this he then starts spreading it thickly onto some toast for me. I know, in the dream, that Frank is going to make me eat this. He giving me this filthy look as he butters that toast. He's going to make me eat the toast.

JK, London

(Frank Bough is a television presenter of news shows)

Mercury Vague : To eat butter in dreams means you are going to have a stable financial future. Frank Bough, a much misunderstood figure in dreams, is often interpreted as being an indicator of concealment, either of emotions or of physical items. So, this dream could mean that you will have a bright monetary time ahead if you only conceal your true feelings.
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Blogger Big Chip Dale said...

I too dream of Frank Bough and a knob of butter far too often. I'm glad I've found you site. It makes me feel quite normal again.

10 July 2007 at 16:48  

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