Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Mercury Vague / dream diary #2

I'm at Maggie's house.
“Where's Keith?”
“At the studios,filming”
“Cheggers Plays Pop?”
In the dream I am in some sort of straight jacket, my arms wrapped around my chest in a permanent hug. Maggie is standing so very close.
“I want it to be just me and you, Mercury”
“You're going to divorce Keith?”
Maggie laughs, pulls her head back and laughs hard.
“Do you know how much he's worth?”
“He'd have to pay you some.” Somehow, with my hands still tied, I struggle to get a cigarette into my mouth. I don't smoke. Maggie lights it.
“I don't want some, Mercury.”
Maggie leans in close, I'm thinking, 'Oh god', then on the end of her right hand I notice she has a glove puppet. It's Lambchop; Shari Lewis's Lambchop. Maggie is making its mouth open and close and saying in a high pitched voice, “I want it to be just me and you, Mercury.”
She smashes her gloved fist into my mouth and nose. A taste of blood and cotton on my lips. I can see Lambchop, it's face red with my blood. Maggie smiles, making Lambchop's mouth open and close, soundless words, then she hammers her socked fist into my face. Over and over.
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