Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo & the Class A Drugs

I'm in this dark alleyway, not quite sure what I'm doing there, when this shadowy figure jumps out. It's so dark I can't see any features on the person. He says, “You buying, chk-chk?, What do you want, chk-chk?”
It's now, as my eyes get accustomed to the gloom, that I see it's Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, and he's trying to sell me drugs.“I got skunk, coke, cathinone, desomorphine, hydrocodone and proheptazine.” says Skippy in his thick Australian accent. “What's it going to be, chk-chk?”
Skippy has this mean look on his face, I'm worried he's going to pull a weapon on me. I hear myself saying, “Just a cream cake please, Skippy”
Skippy reaches into his pouch and his paw comes out holding a knife.
“Are you taking the piss, chk-chk?”

Mark Peters, Liverpool

(Skippy the Bush Kangaroo is an antipodean animal actor)

Mercury Vague : A kangaroo means travel by aeroplane. A knife in a dream is a bad sign indicating grief in the future. Skippy usually is a sign of carefree happiness but this reading must be balanced by the extremely bad combination of symbols that is a knife wielding kangaroo. My advice to you would be to not travel by plane.

celebrity dreams no:23
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