Monday, 24 September 2007

Noel Edmonds & celebrity window cleaners

I am in my house when I realise that I am being filmed. I remember that I am part of the latest hit television show 'Celebrity Window Cleaner'. The presenter of the show is with me in the bedroom, asking me questions. "Who do you think it will be, kevin?"
"Er...I' don't, Robin Askwith" I guess speculatively. "No...way off, young man" he's shouting, "Today your windows are going to be cleaned by .... Noel Edmonds"

The presenter whips back my curtains and there is Noel, duster in hand, buffing up the glass on the outside.

For some unexplicable reason, as he cleans my windows, I feel highly aroused.

Kevin B, Worcester

(Noel Edmonds is a TV presenter, Robin Askwith is an actor)

Mercury Vague: Another Noel Edmonds dream! Noel Edmonds (the christ figure in dreams) is often associated with spiritual visions, and the cleaning of glass (a subconscious fear of dirt) could mean that in the near future your religious beliefs will be challenged.

celelbrity dreams no:30
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