Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Javier Mascherano, Liam Gallagher, Dos Passos & Daffodils

I was plagued by a dream last night. I was on a train with Javier Mascherano, the Liverpool Midfielder, who was commuting to Manchester to take English lessons from one of the Gallagher brothers. When I stepped in to mention to Mr. Mascherano that not only is he one of the best midfielders in the Premiership but a jolly nice chap too, Liam Gallagher punched me in the face.
Javier, of course, stuck up for me but ended up with a broken leg for his troubles.

To cut a long dream short, I ended up playing the defensive midfield role in Liverpool’s next Champion’s League match. I think I understand most of the dream but could you explain why the football was a bowl of daffodils and how John Dos Passos, the modernist novelist, managed to get the job refereeing the match?

Chip Dale, Bangor

Mercury Vague: A dream full of brilliant and positive imagery from Mr Dale. Where to start? To dream of a figure with heavy eyebrows is a sign that the dreamer will be honored and esteemed by all. A broken leg signifies discontent in one's life (but it was not Mr Dale that received it in the dream). Dreaming of playing football before a large crowd means you are headed for a large sum of money. Daffodils, an uncommon dream image, are an augury of hope. Dos Passos has me stumped however!

celebrity dreams no:31
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Blogger Big Chip Dale said...

I see. Clearly a sign of my hoping for success, becoming honoured by all, and becoming filthy rich. Well, I'll hold you to this, though I worry about Dos Passos. I fear he could yet prove to be a spanner in the works. Damn these modernists and their novels without sensible paragraphs.

3 October 2007 at 00:58  

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