Friday, 29 June 2007

Bobby & Jackie Charlton & the Stolen Sweets

I'm seven again and I've been caught stealing sweets from the corner shop (this actually happened) but instead of being told off I've been taken to a police station. I'm in the interrogation room: steel table and chairs, lone filing cabinet. Bobby Charlton is interviewing me. He's kindly, faintly ridiculous with his comb-over but his questions, in the dream, seem very sharp to me. “We've got video footage Son, you won't get away with it y'knaw.” I keep quiet, I know I can get away with it if I don't say anything. Then Bobby's Brother Jackie stomps in wearing his Leeds United strip all covered in mud and football boots on his feet. An intense feeling of foreboding comes over me. He doesn't look at me he just says to Bobby, “You want me to head butt him, our kid?” All I can think of to say is, ”No,Jack, please”

Pete Drabble
, Yorkshire

(Bobby and Jackie Charlton were football players)

Mercury Vague : Bald headed men in dreams are a metaphor for swindlers or people who are going to try to sell you something you don't need. Brothers usually symbolise happiness and peace but the violent attitude of the brother Jackie leads me away from that interpretation. The feeling I get is that this dream is all about the need to gain insurance for a dangerous activity or sport - perhaps a dangerous relationship. The Charlton Brothers in dreams is a much debated area with some saying they represent family tension (literal) others have a darker view and say they mean the coming of great sorrow and suffering – they are seen as almost Armageddon-like figures.

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