Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Magnus Pyke & the Guns

In the dream I’m a hit man working for the government. I kill anyone they want me to. I’m totally ruthless, a killing machine. I enter the office of the weapons master, he has some guns for me to try. The room I enter has a steel table with a row of handguns on it which vary from small delicately crafted automatics you might strap to your ankle, all the way up to what looks like a silenced .45. Standing behind the desk is Magnus Pyke and as I walk towards him he starts talking.
“Oh, hello there, now let me tell you about this little beauty“, he says as he picks up a gun and starts waving it frantically about. I'm thinking, Oh God be careful with that, it could go off. But I've got to keep my cool.
“This is a Russian semi-automatic shotgun. Useful at close range but precision is greatly decreased over distance,” says Magnus, waving his arms about in the style of a windmill.
And with that he turns, takes the gun in both hands and pumps a bullet into a water melon thats sitting in the corner of the room. The melon explodes pink up the wall. “Impressive, huh?”

Andy Parr, Cheshunt

(Magnus Pyke was a scientist and TV presenter )

Mercury Vague : Magnus Pyke is a dark character in dreams often associated with violence. I would read this dream as a warning that you should try to avoid situations that may spiral out of control. Guns symbolize injustice either to yourself or ones you love. Beware.

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