Thursday, 28 June 2007

Jamie Oliver & the Pilsbury Dough Boy

I’m the sound man on a recording of a Jamie Oliver cookery show. There's me (with boom microphone, headphones and tape deck) the cameraman and a director and Jamie himself in his kitchen. Jamie's ripping up basil leaves, drizzling olive oil, licking his fingers then he's onto the next item. We move over to a large work-surface and lying on it, on his back, is the corpse of the Pillsbury Doughboy. He's about four feet long, white, pudgy, exactly like he was in the adverts... but stone-cold dead.
Jamie has a sharp knife in his hands. “And thith is how we start,” he says as his draws the knife straight down the front of the doughboy, from neck to groin. Soft white dough starts oozing out of both sides of the cut. Jamie's got his hands inside the stomach now, kneading away, “Keep doing thith until it becomth elastic.”

A.S. Heburn,Newcastle

(Jamie Oliver is a television chef)

Mercury Vague : Your dream has conflicting signs; bread an omen of happiness and a knife an omen of grief to come. Combine these mixed messages with Jamie Oliver who represents feelings of self satisfaction and smugness and the waters muddy further. I feel this is a warning dream about standing back while others are successful.

celebrity dreams no:13

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