Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Gordon Brown & the Badgers

Another Gordon Brown dream
Gordon Brown is camping in the woods near where I live. I keep seeing him sitting outside his tent with his calor gas stove frying sausages and I keep telling him that he shouldn't camp there. Because of the badgers. He just laughs this off and ignores me. I almost beg with him to move on but to no effect.
The next day I walk up to his tent with a feeling of dread. They've attacked him in the night. The badgers. They've ripped his throat out and left him for dead.

M Jones, UK

Mercury Vague:Your dream sounds absolutely fascinating. Dreaming of badgers is considered extremely lucky by most analysts, especially so if you have been having 'hard times'.. What makes the dream particularly interesting is the merging of the Badger symbol with Gordon Brown. Let's hope that he represents fiscal gain for yourself. That, however, is a simplistic reading of Gordon Brown - as I stated before in my previous entry Gordon Brown is often associated with controlled rage. I believe this dream represents your anxieties (possibly subconscious) regarding your finances.

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