Thursday, 28 June 2007

Mercury Vague - diary entry #2

Mercury Vague: Working on JK’s show…he took me aside on the first day, touched my elbow and reassured me that everything would be smooth….his words, It’ll be smooth Mercury, you’ve no need to worry about the audience, they’re easy. Just a mix of slumming students and ham-armed housewives who want to wallow in someone else's misery.… he smiled at me and I had a feeling I had when I once stood on a large beetle…sort of disgust mixed with pleasure… and the pressure of foot on shell…like stepping on an exotic chocolate…

The studio quickly filled up…credits rolled…JK in front of the autocue…Welcome everyone to another hour of personal problems which we aim to solve with common sense, understanding and...he pauses and looks down the camera lens...Love.
That first show was about two set of man's wife had been sleeping with both the man next door and his was subtitled, my slutty wife is sleeping next door...her husband, a small wiry plumber, had been having day and night dreams about chopping his wife and neighbour's heads off and using them as bowling balls...his wife's head was the jack...and it's where I come in... JK says,Maybe we have a man who can help you...Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce a new member of the team. Famed psychic, author and dream interpreter, let's here it for....I thought back to having that beetle under my foot...MERCURY... how the shell resisted my weight for a second... VAGUE..before it crushed
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