Friday, 29 June 2007

Gordon Ramsey & Mother

Another celebrity dream about a television chef, this time Gordon Ramsey.
I'm going home to see my mother and introduce her to my fiance, Gordon Ramsey. She is very straight laced my Mother, she doesn't tolerate swearing or rudeness at all, so obviously I am nervous about taking Gordon to see her. He is dressed in his white chef's gear as we meet her in the garden. As they talk I seem to fade into the distance a little from them, I can hear everything they say but can't speak myself, it's as if I'm not there.
They are getting on really well. Gordon is being utterly charming while Mother shows him her favourite plants. Then it slips out, “It's a fucking great gaffe you've got here Mrs T.” Oh god, I knew this would happen. I'm still frozen in the dream and Gordon has just sworn at my Mother. I can see that all the blood has drained from her face as she physically picks Gordon up. His body has turned into a wooden stick, his head remains as it was. She picks him up, turns him over and begins to use his face and hair to rake up leaves. Gordon is screaming obscenities by now, and my Mother, like she did when I was a child, is saying, “Now Gordon, we know what happens to filthy mouths don't we? Do you want Mummy to get the soap?”

Susan T, Berkshire

(Gordon Ramsey is a television chef)

Mercury Vague : There are so many marriage symbols here, both literally and metaphorically. A well tended garden is a very common representation of married bliss. Dreaming of a cook means being served by a perfect partner. Even Gordon himself, a common figure in dreams, means energy, love and light.
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