Sunday, 8 July 2007

Cliff Thorburn & the Trick Shots

I'm at the Snooker World Championships in the Crucible Theater. That's all well and good, but in my dream I am tied down on my back on top of the snooker table. There are leather straps that go around my ankles and wrists and are then these are tied to the corner pockets. There is a large crowd sitting in the seats, all looking down on me. I keep switching viewpoints between being on the table, staring up into the lights and being an audience member looking down at my own body. Suddenly everyone is up on their feet cheering as Cliff Thorburn walks into the arena and starts to give a demonstration of trick shots. He's jumping balls over my body and into pockets. He plays a shot off my stomach, nose and then forehead. The audience goes wild with applause, they seem almost like feral animals, baying at Cliff's tricks. Then the highlight of Cliff's show; he fires the black ball with as much force as he can muster up my trouser leg. The pain in my groin as the ball hits is indescribable. I raise my head off the table, looking down at Cliff and he looks as cool as you like. He's lining up another ball to fire.

Pete Sandell, Leeds

(Cliff Thorburn is a canadian snooker player)

Mercury Vague : Dreams of restraint indicate subconscious fears, usually about a lack of control or control being taken away. Cliff Thorburn, a common celebrity in dreams, although seemingly mild mannered, is an aggressive, uncontrolled symbol. This dream reveals your fears of being controlled by more aggressive people, of wanting to break away from being a meek follower.

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