Thursday, 5 July 2007

Johnny Morris & the Foul Mouthed Squirrel

I’m Johnny Morris. I’m looking through his eyes as I talk to the camera and then I keep switching to seeing him/me from outside. I’m dressed in his Bristol Zoo Keeper’s outfit, peaked cap with ‘keeper’ in silver letters, the works. And I’m doing all his voices like there’s no tomorrow, I can’t stop them. I’m saying things like, “And Gerry the Giraffe is having a hard time.”
“Yes,” says Gerry, “You see, my house is just too small. I keep banging my head on the roof. Oh dear, oh deary me”.
Now I’m doing a piece to camera again with a squirrel on my shoulder. He’s nervously chewing at a nut. “And what’s your name,” I say.
"F***k off, mother******,” he says.
Oh god, I’m thinking, He can’t say things like that on kids television.
“Mind your language, Cyril,” I say.
“F*** off”

N Pearlman, Wigan

(Johnny Morris was a television presenter on Animal Magic)

Mercury Vague : A dream on a common theme of uncontrollable public embarrassment. Squirrels often mean future problems due to unpaid bills. Johnny Morris in dreams is a gentle figure often symbolizing hiding from one’s responsibilities. The dream is about feelings you have of finances spinning out of control and your tendency to wash your hands of them.

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