Saturday, 7 July 2007

Simon Cowell & the Art Gallery

I start the dream with this overwhelming thoughts of confidence. There is this almost zero-gravity bounce in my step as I walk around knowing that everyone loves me. A great feeling.
Then a bizarre set of events happen. First I am at some sort of upmarket party in an art gallery, surrounded by people and chatting. I start talking to this glamorous woman opposite me when mini-Simon Cowell pops his head out of my blouse pocket and starts talking to her as well. Only, he's criticising her, saying she will never make it as an art critic. He's saying things like, “I mean just look at you. You look like Lilly Savage crossed with a hairbrush. I'm sorry, it's a no.” She walks away in tears as I push mini-Simon (who is only about seven inches tall) back down into my blouse pocket. I can feel him wriggling about in there next to my skin.
Then the people at the party begin eating the delicate looking food from the finger buffet and I find myself talking to the chef. I'm halfway through a mouthful of this gruesome looking pork pie when Simon pops his head up again and starts having a go at him too.
“Do you seriously expect me to eat this rubbish?” he asks him. I feel mortified. And in the dream I have a thought that what I should do is take Simon out, hold him by the legs like a baton and dash his brains out against the gallery wall.

Mrs E Smith. Crewe

(Simon Cowell is a panel member on The X factor)

Mercury Vague :
What first appears to be a simple dream of public embarrassment has a very different interpretation. Pork is usually taken to mean that a new job with many more opportunities lies just ahead of you. But take care because Pastry symbolises a missed appointment - ah, the conflicting dream symbolism created by a humble pork pie. Dreaming of Simon Cowell suggest the opportunity will be in the arts as he is a recognised symbol of artistic excellence.

celebrity dreams no:20
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