Friday, 6 July 2007

Derek Batey & the Job Interview

I'm having a panic dream about a job interview I've got the next day. In the dream I'm rushing, bolting down my breakfast then running for the bus. I just catch it in time but instead of asking me for my money the bus driver instead starts to ask me slow winding questions. In the dream it is now that I realise that the driver is Derek Batey, from the Mr & Mrs quiz show. And he's saying to me,”If you wanted to have a piece of fruit for a snack, or maybe you would have a piece for desert, did your wife say that, A. You'd quite like an orange? Or did she say B. He likes an apple? Or did she say that you weren't really bothered, you didn't like fruit?”
Derek smiles at me and I'm split between being terrified of being late for the interview and thinking about my favourite fruit. He starts to slowly repeat the question.
“I'm not really bothered,” I snap back at Derek, “I don't really like fruit.”
All the passengers on the bus begin clapping. As I look around at them I can see my wife on the back seat, nervously smoking a cigarette which she cups in her hand so as to avoid being spotted by bus driver Derek.

M. Wolverston
, West Bromwich

(Derek Batey presented the popular quiz show for married couples, Mr & Mrs)

Mercury Vague : Travelling by bus indicates troubling times ahead especially if you are employed in stenographic work. Derek Batey is associated with control and being dominated by a stronger force. This dream as well as being a typical worry dream about a forthcoming event is also a warning about being controlled by persons above yourself
celebrity dreams no:19
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