Monday, 9 July 2007

Mercury Vague / dream diary #1

I'm backstage in the dressing room corridor. I know that Maggie Philbin and Keith Chegwin are in one of the rooms. Then I see a door open, Keith storms out followed by the thud of something heavy hitting the inside of it. He walks straight past me not noticing me hovering with my back against the ceiling. I float into Maggie's room. She's in floods of tears. “He's threatening to divorce me”
I stand in front of her.
“Maggie,” I manage to get out, “I love you.”
“Do you know how much he's worth dead, Mercury?” She holds my wrists. I look down at her hands and notice how small they seem on my wrists.
Then I'm this rocket speeding through the clouds, the ground a patchwork beneath me, my arms pinned to my side, wind buffetting my head. I look to my left and there's Maggie flying too. We cross paths, like the Red Arrows, just missing each other, coloured smoke trailing out of our feet. I know that there are crowds on the ground squinting into the light and trying to catch a glimpse of us. I know everything is going to be OK.
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