Monday, 9 July 2007

Windsor Davies, Don Estelle and the Matchstick Fight

I need to light a cigarette but the matchbox, which I know had some matches in, is empty. Maybe, I'm thinking to myself they've fallen onto the floor somehow. I begin crawling around the carpet, looking under dropped clothes, my room suddenly unbelievably messy and disorganised. I turn over a cardboard box and that's when I see them. The little people. There's a dozen or so tiny little fuckers about two inches tall underneath the box. And they have my matches. Two of them I recognise as Windsor Davies and Don Estelle from It 'Aint Half Hot Mum. They are stripped to the waist but still wearing their head gear and they are holding a matchstick each, like a club, trying to hit each other in the head. The rest stand around in a circle cheering, encouraging them on. The fight goes on, getting bloodier, Windsor is getting badly beaten now. He's hardly even defending himself anymore as Don lands a vicious whack to the side of his ear. The crowd erupt into cheers. I put the box back into place, covering them up.

Viv Whiteside, Cheltenham

(Windsor Davies & Don Estelle are characters in the comedy It 'Aint Half Hot Mum')

Mercury Vague: Some good signs here: seeing other people fighting means that you will have happiness in your 'speciality', striking matches are a symbol of coming love. Windsor Davies and Don Estelle in dreams (both love symbols) are often interpreted as a sign of 'kissing' some interpreters go as far to suggest 'copulation'.

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